Rachel Beyer | Finding Peace In Panama
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Finding Peace In Panama


I had the unique opportunity to spend the month of March in the countryside of Panama, my first trip out of the country since college. My mom and I stayed with her childhood best friend, Linda, who retired there a few years ago. Linda has battled ovarian cancer since she was in her twenties, and within the past year it has returned and escalated to stage four. My mom left for Panama in January to help care for her, and I joined them for a month, in desperate need of a nature retreat to lend some balance to two years of chronic pain.

I flew from Portland to Las Vegas to Panama City, then a 3.5 hour bus ride to Santiago where I met my mom. Linda’s house is in a remote part of the countryside, nearest to Santa Fe, and is only accessible with 4 wheel drive. 22 hours after leaving Portland I found myself at her leaf-decorated house perched on a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley.


I spent the first two weeks working in my art journal. I brought with me a ton of my favorite art supplies to play with. It felt so good to have nothing to do but sit and paint all day. And in between laying in a hammock, that’s exactly what I did.





My mom and I spent about a week sight-seeing, but mostly we stayed in Santa Fe where I soaked up the sun, gazed at the beautiful Panamanian jungle and countryside, swam in the nearby river, made art, and napped in a hammock. I was able to do the things I usually can’t make time for like practicing yoga, meditation, doing daily tarot readings and journaling.

It was the first time in a very long while that I felt truly at ease. I left the clutter and stress of my life behind and was able to think clearly and find much needed peace. Every day I woke up to sunshine and lush, green nature. Each morning I climbed to the top of the hill and looked out at the valley. You can’t help but feel immense gratitude for nature with a view like this.


Spending a month here helped me to reconnect with my true self and let go of the fears and anxieties that had once paralyzed me. It helped me to clear and calm my mind that felt so cloudy and overwhelmed before. And I rediscovered my own spirituality and trust in the universe.


Returning home I am slowly easing my way back into normal life. I want to hold onto the good vibes of Panama for as long as possible. Memories of Santa Fe remind me to slow down, take time to get dirty in my garden, relax and let things be. Thank you Panama!


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